Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm a happy scrapping teacher!

Look at all this amazing scrap stuff! Yesterday I went to the Bazzill "Teacher Appreciation Day" at Bazzill's warehouse in Chandler, AZ. A coworker of mine shared the invitation with me and I have been counting down the days like a kid at Christmas since then! It consisted of waiting in a line for 3 hours (!) even though I got there 5 minutes after they were to be opened. Then, about 8 people at a time were let into a portion of the warehouse (20 or so total people at a time inside) to fill TWO boxes of FREE stuff! There was paper, ribbons, albums, brads, flowers, boxed projects, etc. In other words, Nirvana for a scrapbooker!

I know it's a tax write-off for them, but seriously? This was out of control! You could buy extra boxes for $5 each (what????) and people were walking out with 8-10 boxes. I myself purchased two extras and ended up with over $250 worth of supplies for $10!

I have always shopped all brands pretty equally because I choose what I like based on how it appeals to me personally. But now? Yeah, Bazzill has a customer for life! Thanks, Bazzill!

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