Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A few more Christmas pics...

Christmas...come and gone!

Well the Christmas holiday has come and gone and as usual, it was fun, yet crazy! The girls had a great Christmas, in spite of the fact that they gave us little to nothing as ideas for gifts! They are at a weird in-between stage where toys don't thrill them and yet teenage stuff doesn't, either.

We still managed to find things to thrill them and also enjoyed the company of Steve's mom, who came to Arizona for 5 days. She joined us on our annual trip to the Polar Express in Williams, as well as some time cavorting in the snow in Flagstaff. We also went to see Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo...phew, we packed in a lot!

Soon it will be back to the grind....but for now, we have our good times to sustain us!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm a happy scrapping teacher!

Look at all this amazing scrap stuff! Yesterday I went to the Bazzill "Teacher Appreciation Day" at Bazzill's warehouse in Chandler, AZ. A coworker of mine shared the invitation with me and I have been counting down the days like a kid at Christmas since then! It consisted of waiting in a line for 3 hours (!) even though I got there 5 minutes after they were to be opened. Then, about 8 people at a time were let into a portion of the warehouse (20 or so total people at a time inside) to fill TWO boxes of FREE stuff! There was paper, ribbons, albums, brads, flowers, boxed projects, etc. In other words, Nirvana for a scrapbooker!

I know it's a tax write-off for them, but seriously? This was out of control! You could buy extra boxes for $5 each (what????) and people were walking out with 8-10 boxes. I myself purchased two extras and ended up with over $250 worth of supplies for $10!

I have always shopped all brands pretty equally because I choose what I like based on how it appeals to me personally. But now? Yeah, Bazzill has a customer for life! Thanks, Bazzill!